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If you want to apply for a mortgage in the Czech Republic, you need to have at least 10% of the cost of the apartment and an official income in the country 

Available for people without permanent residence

I helped many families without a permanent residence to get a mortgage in the Czech Republic

It is possible to take a mortgage on an apartment for rent

Taking a mortgage on an investment apartment is financially more profitable than giving 100% of your funds

It is possible to refinance a mortgage at a lower interest rate!

Why overpay on interest if you can switch to another bank on more favorable terms?

The sooner you get home, the more confidence you will have for your future!

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I will take care of the bureaucracy

while you choose an apartment. The mortgage registration takes about a month. Contacting a financial consultant before you start looking for an apartment is better


Assessment of opportunities

I will calculate the maximum credit debt based on family income


Search for bank offers

I will choose a bank with the best conditions, get an individual discount on the rate for you and arrange a free property valuation


Collection of documents and transfer of funds from the bank

I will help you collect the necessary documents, as well as monitor the transfer of money from the bank to the seller of real estate

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Here you will find some of the questions frequently asked by my customers


What income per family is enough to get a mortgage?

There is no universal income. It all depends on the property's value, the amount of your contribution, and current rates on the mortgage market.


How many years is a mortgage issued in the Czech Republic for?

A mortgage is usually issued for a standard term of 30 years.


Is it possible to issue a mortgage to individual entrepreneurs?

Yes, it is. If you want to get such type of mortgage, you must provide a tax return for the last year or two.


Is it possible to repay a mortgage loan in advance?

Yes, it is. According to the law, up to 25% of the initial mortgage amount can be repaid annually as an extraordinary payment. Full repayment is also possible.

Any other questions?

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