Get help with the investment instruments and get a suitable portfolio!

Investments help you create capital, protect savings from inflation, and generate passive income

I monitor the investments of my clients and support them on the way

Invest according to the financial plan, invest regularly, and increase your available wealth and assets

Use short-term tools

This is a way to protect against inflation on a short horizon

Use long-term tools

This is a way to get financial freedom

Diversify your tools

This is a way to minimize risks

Get access to various profitable offers!

Corporate bonds, real estate funds, ETF funds, qualified investor funds, investment certificates, and promissory notes

The most suitable tool for investing is funds

They have a whole basket of various assets. Assets are stocks or bonds of specific companies or states.


Minimize the risks

Choose funds with a good reputation


Don't invest in a single fund

Distribute money between several funds


Invest regularly and according to the financial plan

Make investing a habit and don't forget about the goal

Investing is a way to save money and protect your capital from inflation

The instruments are selected individually based on a financial analysis of the current situation


Here you will find some of the questions frequently asked by my customers


How much money can I start investing?

The minimum amount of money you must have to start investing is 500 CZK per month.


Is it possible for a child to invest?

An investment account is opened by an adult, but it may be used to save money for children. You should also teach your children how to invest money when they grow up.


Is it true that investing is suitable for everyone?

Yes, it is. Each person can choose a suitable portfolio depending on the horizon and attitude to risk. If you are confident enough and ready to try saving money, then don’t hesitate to start investing.


How to stop being afraid to invest for fear of losing money?

You should seek help from a financial consultant who will monitor your investments and help you on the way to your goals. Due to the recommendations of a professional consultant, you will certainly make the right choice.

Any other questions?

Text me, and I will respond within 24 hours