Get help with organizing life or property insurance!

Insurance is our protection against life risks that always happen without warning

Liability, property, and disability insurance are a must for everyone!

I will offer the optimal insurance coverage, calculate the cost in different insurance companies and choose the best solution

Life insurance

Covers the risks associated with a decrease in income due to health — disability, death, serious illnesses, injuries, and their consequences

Property and liability insurance

Relevant for everyone who rents or owns real estate

Car insurance

Divided into mandatory liability insurance when driving a car and additional emergency coverage

Leave all communication with the insurance company to a professional

Your interests will be protected in the face of the insurance company and you will get help with solving insurance cases

3 reasons

for cooperation with me


Saving time

The parameters and coverage will be set individually — you don't need to spend time trying to figure it out


Saving money

You will get the calculations of several insurance companies and choose the best one


Saving more money

I am aware of all the offers of insurance companies and can also provide customers with an additional discount

Insurance protects against unforeseen risks and compensates for losses

Insurance cases: accidents, illnesses, and disabilities, natural disasters, theft of property, damage to third parties and other unpleasant things


Here you will find some of the questions frequently asked by my customers


Why do I need life insurance?

Life insurance will help you protect yourself and your family from loss of income in case of unforeseen health circumstances. Even if you consider some types of insurance unnecessary, disability insurance is a must for everyone.


What does liability insurance mean?

Liability insurance provides you with damage coverage if you or your family members accidentally caused damage to others. For example, if you have flooded your neighbors, the insurance will take care of it.


What evidence should be provided when an insured event occurs?

If it is property insurance, then you have to provide photos, a police record (if there is one). It is also possible to inspect the scene of the accident by an employee of the insurance company. If it is life insurance, then you have to provide a doctor's certificate with a diagnosis or a death certificate.


How much money can I claim in case of an insured event?

It is determined by the insurance amount selected in the contract. The insurance amount is set individually depending on the type of insurance case.

Any other questions?

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