Get a profitable loan!

No unnecessary overpayments or long wait

Get a new loan or refinance an existing one at a more favorable interest rate

Do not overpay for interest and contact a professional for help. I cooperate with all banks

Consumer loans

You will get up to 2.5 million CZK without collateral with real estate

Loans for legal entities

You will get a bank loan for business development. Loans and countercurrents

Housing lending at a lower interest rate

You will get a loan for reconstruction or additional financing for the purchase of an apartment

Get help with refinancing loans

Why pay 10-12% if you can refinance for 5-7%

What is the benefit of my help in obtaining a loan



You don’t waste time on finding the right bank and conditions



You save money because I choose the most profitable option



You are sure that the loan agreement is drawn up without pitfalls

The main advantage of contacting me:

You will have no hidden overpayments, and the whole process will go smoothly under my supervision. I take on loans from 100,000 CZK


Here you will find some of the questions frequently asked by my customers


Can unemployed people apply for a loan?

No, they can’t. A mandatory process for obtaining any loan is income verification. So, you must prove that you have a stable income to pay the money back.


Can I apply for a loan without permanent residence?

It depends on the type of loan and your citizenship. Contact me to find out more about your case.


What will happen if there is no way to pay the loan?

You will get a mark in the register and your credit history will be ruined. Thus, it’s better to avoid such situations.


How long will it take to refinance the loan?

3-6 payments are usually enough to be able to refinance it in another bank.

Any other questions?

Text me, and I will reply within 24 hours