Polina Kulikova

Comprehensive and professional solution to financial issues in the Czech Republic

I will help you get a mortgage on the most favorable terms!

About myself

My name is Polina Kulikova, and I am a financial consultant, mortgage broker, and personal financier.

I have been living in the Czech Republic since 2008. In 2015, I completed a master’s degree at the HSE in Prague. I have valuable knowledge in the field of economics and legal processes, as well as extensive work experience in companies in the field of finance, real estate, investment, and law.

I am currently registered with the Czech National Bank under Broker Trust a.s and represent the 4fin brand.

In 2018, I started to engage in lending, personal finance management, and solving all kinds of issues in the financial market.

I see a huge benefit and meaning in my business because I help people to manage their finances competently, increase savings, and purchase their own real estate. Besides that, I like to learn and improve the quality of my services.

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IČ: 05192951
+420 775 074 448
Ke Štvanici 656/3, 186 00 Praha - Karlín, 4fin